Population Value Set

Label for a group of individuals with a shared genetic background



Population Value Set
Label for a group of individuals with a shared genetic background

Included Codes

This value set includes codes from the following identifier systems:

  • Include any concept from http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/ncit# ( NCI Thesarus )


This value set is extensible and therefore can be extended to include concepts from the listed identifier systems by adding on the fly concepts defined by a sending system if no viable option from any of the identifier systems is acceptable.

This value set contains 43 concepts.

IRI Label Description
GNOMAD:afr African/African American
GNOMAD:amr Latino
GNOMAD:asj Ashkenazi Jewish
GNOMAD:eas East Asian
GNOMAD:fin Finnish
GNOMAD:nfe Non-Finnish European
GNOMAD:oth Other
GNOMAD:sas South Asian
EVS:AA African-American
EVS:EA European-American
IGSR:acb African Caribbeans in Barbados
IGSR:afr African
IGSR:amr Ad Mixed American
IGSR:asw Americans of African Ancestry in SW USA
IGSR:beb Bengali from Bangladesh
IGSR:cdx Chinese Dai in Xishuangbanna, China
IGSR:ceu Utah Residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western European Ancestry
IGSR:chb Han Chinese in Bejing, China
IGSR:chs Southern Han Chinese
IGSR:clm Colombians from Medellin, Colombia
IGSR:eas East Asian
IGSR:esn Esan in Nigeria
IGSR:eur European
IGSR:fin Finnish in Finland
IGSR:gbr British in England and Scotland
IGSR:gih Gujarati Indian from Houston, Texas
IGSR:gwd Gambian in Western Divisions in the Gambia
IGSR:ibs Iberian Population in Spain
IGSR:itu Indian Telugu from the UK
IGSR:jpt Japanese in Tokyo, Japan
IGSR:khv Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
IGSR:lwk Luhya in Webuye, Kenya
IGSR:msl Mende in Sierra Leone
IGSR:mxl Mexican Ancestry from Los Angeles USA
IGSR:pel Peruvians from Lima, Peru
IGSR:pjl Punjabi from Lahore, Pakistan
IGSR:pur Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico
IGSR:sas South Asian
IGSR:stu Sri Lankan Tamil from the UK
IGSR:tsi Toscani in Italia
IGSR:yri Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria
SEPIO-CG:98001 Combined
SEPIO-CG:98002 Overall