An information content entity expressing a declarative sentence that is either true or false.

Descended from Entity

Scope and Usage

A Statement is the superclass for any declarative statement. In particular, subclasses of Statment are either

  1. Supported by evidence (such as VariantInterpretation),
  2. Evidence themselves (such as AlleleConservation), or
  3. Both supported by evidence, and providing support to other statements (such as a CriterionAssessment).

Statement is abstract, and is not ever instantiated directly. The purpose of this class is to provide a home for attributes shared across all Statements.

Any statement may be negated using the qualifier attribute. For example, to create a statement saying that a particular allele is not a loss of function allele, the qualifier "NOT" is added to a statement that the allele is a loss of function allele.


Name Type Cardinality Description IRI Defined in
userLabelDictionary UserLabel 0..* An optional label defined by the user. Used for custom entities or to clarify the preferred user label on existing entities with non-preferred labels. SEPIO:0000422 Statement
outcomeQualifier string 0..1 Use “NOT” as the value of this property to assert that the statement is negated. SEPIO:0000346 Statement
evidenceLine EvidenceLine 0..* supporting evidence SEPIO:0000006 Statement
contribution Contribution 0..* The contributions (agent, time and role) made to this entity SEPIO:0000159 Statement
source string 0..* A string indicating the source of a Statement DC:source Statement
label string 0..1 A name given to the resource. RDFS:label Entity
description string 0..1 Description may include but is not limited to: an abstract, a table of contents, a graphical representation, or a free-text account of the resource. DC:description Entity