An alternative label for a term that a curator specifies to provide a custom label in the context of a particular message/data set.

Descended from Entity

Scope and Usage

Although external naming systems provide labels for entities such as diseases, some users will require the ability to relabel entities with names that have local or historical importance. A UserLabel contains this user-defined label, as well as a Contribution describing the provenance of the label, and comments about the need for the label.


Name Type Cardinality Description IRI Defined in
labelFor @id 1..1 The object to which a user-assigned label applies SEPIO:0000420 UserLabel
contribution Contribution 0..* Provenance of the label, describing who created the label and when it was created SEPIO:0000159 UserLabel
label string 0..1 A name given to the resource. RDFS:label Entity
description string 0..1 Description may include but is not limited to: an abstract, a table of contents, a graphical representation, or a free-text account of the resource. DC:description Entity


ID label description labelFor contribution


Across all published data (and LMM data) with hearing loss.


(LMM Hearing Loss)


Case group is composed of cases from six cohorts from the GENIUS T2D consortium. Case status is defined per-cohort.


(GENIUS T2D Cases)


Controls group is composed of controls from six cohorts from the GENIUS T2D consortium. Controls status is defined per-cohort.


(GENIUS T2D Controls)