A specification that describes how to interpret information as evidence in order to make an assertion about the pathogenicity of a genetic variant.

Descended from DomainEntity

Scope and Usage

Guidelines typically include specific 'variant interpretation criterion' that describe how to interpret the direction and strength of evidence provided by a particular type of information, and 'criterion scoring algorithms' which describe how to combine the outcomes of each criterion assessment to arrive at a final interpretation of a variant's pathogenicity. . . .


Name Type Cardinality Description IRI Defined in
version string 0..1 Version of this AssertionMethod PAV:version VariantPathogenicityInterpretationGuideline
url string 0..1 Location of a document that contains a description of this AssertionMethod ERO:0000480 VariantPathogenicityInterpretationGuideline
scoringAlgorithm @id 0..1 The algorithm used to combine AssertionCriteria into a final Interpretation using this Method BFO:0000051 VariantPathogenicityInterpretationGuideline
label string 0..1 A name given to the resource. RDFS:label Entity
description string 0..1 Description may include but is not limited to: an abstract, a table of contents, a graphical representation, or a free-text account of the resource. DC:description Entity


ID label description version url scoringAlgorithm


(ACMG guidelines 2015)

ACMG guidelines 2015



(ACMG ISV 2015 combining/scoring algorithm)